Barocook – Flameless Cooking System

Barocook - Cook anytime, anywhere. Snow and Mountains.

Now you’re cooking without gas!

The BAROCOOK range – invented in Korea – allows you to keep your food chilled in a liquid and airtight container, when you are ready for a hot meal you can conveniently cook your food in the same container. All without a flame!

Click here to watch a video on how to use Barocook.

The secret is the single use BAROPACKs that use an exothermic reaction of water and quick lime to achieve an average cooking time of 25-35 minutes and temperature of 95° Celsius (depending on the container and pack type).

The range has a wide variety: From a Travel Mug, to a 37° Baby Formula/Milk Warmer and even a compact Pressure Cooker with stow-able handles.

There are also three heating pack types, 10g (for 37° baby bottle and food warming), 20g (for smaller containers) and 50g (for large containers and pressure cooker). The heating packs are also non-toxic (but not to be eaten) and bio-degradable (when disposed of responsibly).

Look out for the range at your nearest outdoor retailer, or browse our catalogue now (free shipping in South Africa for orders over R500).

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