Stikkan® Kindling Maker


Fixed to a wall beside a braai, potjie, wood stove, fireplace or firepit, Stikkan can be used to make kindling to help start wood fires much more easily and safely.

  • Original Stikkan wall-mounted hand tool creates softwood kindling safely and easily.
  • Wall-mounted design means no bending, swinging or near misses; includes safety ring.
  • Entirely self-contained kindling maker eliminates the need for hatchets or axes.
  • So easy to use: simply insert a log and lower the steel cutting wedge to create kindling.
  • Crafted in Sweden of durable cast iron, with a black finish; built to last for decades.

IMPORTANT: This product is NOT SUITABLE for splitting logs or for use with any type of HARDWOOD. It is intended to split SOFTWOOD (pine) ONLY in order to make kindling to start a fire.

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Which wood is good for making kindling?

Soft wood like spruce and pine are perfect since they split so easily and burns good which you want for igniting your logs in the fire. So use soft wood for kindling and hard wood for logs.

How to use Stikkan®

Stikkan should be mounted on a stable wall, not plaster board, vertical, approx 120 cm from floor to the higher screw-holes.

With the elegant design it fits well into most environments, by the fireplace, the cast iron stove or in the woodshed. Stikkan minimises the risk of injury in making kindling.

Place Stikkan out of reach of small children. The wood log will never be stuck due to Stikkan’s construction. If the log is not split totally in the first movement simply lift the log to a higher step and repeat.


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Weight 5126 g
Dimensions 601 × 140 × 89 mm


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