Stikkan ® Kindling Maker

Kindling made easy.

Stikkan ® is a unique and very clever cast iron hand tool invented in Norway in 1982, and has been manufactured in Sweden since.

All South Africans love a good fire, getting one started quickly for a braai or a potjie to feed the hungry crowd is made simpler, faster and easier with the kindling made with Stikkan ®. It’s ease of use, quality feel and look all make starting a fire a joy and pleasure. The first time we used Stikkan ® we immediately knew that it will be a must have item for any proud South African homeowner.

Keep your eyes peeled for Stikkan ® at your nearest outdoor retailer or buy it from us now (free shipping country wide).

IMPORTANT: This product is NOT SUITABLE for splitting logs or for use with any type of HARDWOOD. It is intended to split SOFTWOOD (pine) ONLY in order to make kindling to start a fire.

Watch how to use Stikkan